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2C Blake Mews

Change of Use from office to residential (Richmond Council reference 18/1765/GPD15) Update 08/07/2018 The applicant for this change of use has now withdrawn the application. Update 10/06/2018 Though ir seems there is not much the Council can do to stop this change of use, we have recorded a general observation to say the permitted development…

Garden Court, Kew Road

Garden Court, corner of Kew Road and Lichfield Road (Richmond Council ref 18/0122/FUL) Update 20/07/2018 This application has been turned down by Richmond Council on grounds of the design which they consider would be incongruous and visually intrusive and also as no contribution to affordable housing is included. Update 01/06/2018 An application has been submitted…

15-23 Station Parade

15-23 Station Parade (Richmond Council ref. 17/3891/FUL) Update 19/09/2018 This application has been refused by Richmond Council on design grounds and other issues including unclear plans and lack of affordable housing, Update 02/02/2018 We have submitted observations on this application for a 2 bedroom flat on a second floor, above Lloyds Pharmacy. This is an…

53 Old Deer Park Gardens

Land adjacent to 53 Old Deer Park Gardens (Richmond Council ref 17/4263/FUL) Update 19/01/2018 This application has been withdrawn by the applicant. Update 04/01/2018 We have commented on the proposed construction of a 4 bedroom house with 2 car parking spaces and refuse, recycling and cycle storage and replacement of part of the boundary wall…

Garage at the rear or 63-65 Raleigh Road

Garage at the rear of 63-65 Raleigh Road (Richmond Council ref 17/2625/FUL) Update 28/08/2018 The appeal has been dismissed on highway safety grounds. Update 15/06/2018 The applicant has now submitted an appeal against the refused planning permission. Update 13/12/2017 This application, which had a large number of objections including our own, has been refused. on…

269-271 Sandycombe Road

269-271 Sandycombe Road (Richmond Council ref. 17/2671/ES191 and 18/0049/FUL) Update 25/03/2018 A new application (18/0049/FUL) has been approved for change of use to a guesthouse. Update 08/10/2017 This application has been refused on the basis that it was not lawful. Update 17/08/2017 We have commented on this application to establish the use of the property…

Telephone Boxes

Telephone Boxes Update 02/02/2018 New telephone box outside Lloyds Pharmacy We are glad to see that the appeal against the refusal of permission for a telephone box here has been dismissed on grounds of the harm to the character and appearance of the street scene and the setting of the adjacent Building of Townscape Merit…

Bell and Crown pub and restaurant

Bell and Crown pub and restaurant at 11 Thames Road, Strand on the Green (Hounslow Council ref P/2017/1790 and P/2018/3328) Update 23/09/2018 Another application has been submitted for this site including the erection of a rear extension to the pub, the creation of a roof terrace, external seating and changes to the kitchen ventilation. We…

Conservation Areas

Designation of new conservation area in Kew Update 26/04/2017 In 2015, the Council undertook a consultation with residents and businesses whose properties would be affected by the proposed new Conservation Areas in Kew and Whitton. The Council has now designated the following areas in Kew: Conservation Area  15 (extension): Sandycombe Road (269-363 odd; 270-290 even)….

63 Kew Green

63 Kew Green ref 16/1903/FUL Update 02/12/2016 We commented on this application for a change of use from office accommodation on the ground floor to a 2 bedroom flat to ask whether the Kew Green elevation could be restored to its original Georgian fenestration design and whether reinforced glass without railings could be considered for…

273a Sandycombe Road

273a Sandycombe Road (ref 16/3213/GPD15 and 17/2532/GPD15) Update 30/8/2017 The prior approval for change of use has been granted with conditions attached. Update 20/07/2017 An application for prior approval of change of use from office to 5 residential units has been made. We have commented to say that with have no objection to the change…

63 Sandycombe Road (Smith Bros)

63 Sandycombe Road (Richmond Council ref 16/2307/FUL and 16/4845/PS192 and 17/0870/FUL) Update 02/02/2018 The appeal against Richmond Council’s refusal of this application has been dismissed. The Inspector gave as reasons the loss of employment, the need for affordable housing contributions, the harm to the character and appearance of the area, insufficient private external space for…

102 North Road

New cafe/deli in the Village Update 10/06/2015 This application has been approved with some conditions, including opening hours to be restricted to no more than 07.30-20.00 on Monday-Friday and 08.30-18.00 on Saturdays and Sundays. Update 10/05/2016 We have supported this application (Council reference 16/0710/FUL) to convert the ground floor of this property back to A3…

338 Kew Road

Proposed Change of use to a Montessori School (Richmond Council ref 15/5056/FUL) Update 25/11/2016 The applicant has now withdrawn this application. Update 31/05/2016 This application was due to be discussed at Planning Committee on 25th May but was withdrawn from the agenda on the day, at the applicant’s request, to consider the conditions recommended by…

The Avenue Club

Expanding facilities Update 11/03/2016 We are pleased to see this application has been approved. Update 06/02/2016 We have now written to support this application which will provide expanded facilities for the Avenue Club and other community groups. Update 13/01/2016 Kew Community Trust have helpfully notified us that they are submitting a planning  application to build…

1-9 Sandycombe Road

1-9 Sandycombe Road Redevelopment proposals (ref APP/L5810/W/16/3158532, 16/4890/FUL and 16/4889/OUT) Update 28/07/2017 Richmond Council’s Planning Committee on 19 July considered the two applications made after the one, for a larger scheme, approved on appeal. The Committee approved both applications (ref 16/4890/FUL and 16/4889/OUT) with some conditions. The developer is now likely to proceed with the larger…

275 Sandycombe Road – the Iron Church

275 Sandycombe Road – the Iron Church (ref 15/2682/FUL and 16/0905/FUL) Update 14/07/2018 We are working with the Local Richmond History Society on a recording the history of the Iron Church at this location. Update 25/02/2017 This application (reference16/0905/FUL) was approved at Richmond Council’s Planning Committee on 22nd February. Update 12/04/2016 A new application has…

267 Sandycombe Road

267 Sandycombe Road redevelopment (ref 15/3945/FUL and APP/L5810/W/15/3133726, 16/1483/FUL and 17/1864/FUL) Update 30/08/2017 This latest application –  reference 17/1864/FUL – has also now been withdrawn. Update 02/07/2017 We have commented on the latest application for this site – reference 17/1864/FUL – to demolish the existing building and replace with a 2 storey building over a…

20 Kew Green

20 Kew Green (ref 15/4556/FUL and 15/4557/LBC) Update 04/03/2016 Richmond Council has approved these applications with conditions, including reinstatement of the railings and public highway and for brickwork, pointing and bonding to match existing. A separate application (ref 15/4009/FUL) for a pool house in the garden was refused in the Council’s  Planning Committee on 24th…

Watermans Art Centre

Watermans art centre, 40-40A High Street Brentford (ref P/2017/3372) Update 09/02/2018 We are disappointed to see that Hounslow Council have approved this application. Whilst we support regeneration and the on site inclusion of affordable housing, we will continue to oppose tall buildings along the river frontage, affecting historic vistas from the Royal Botanic Gardens in…

Deer Park School

Deer Park School new location Update 23/02/2016 We are very pleased to see that the proposed Deer Park School will not be at this inappropriate location at London House, You can see the announcement of the decision for the school’s permanent home to be at Ryde House in East Twickenham on the link here. Measurements…

12 Princes Road

12 Princes Road (ref. 16/2691/FUL and 17/1207/FUL) Update 21/10/2017 This application (17/1207/FUL) for change of use to a dental practice has been approved with conditions on, for example, opening hours, overlooking of neighbouring properties, parking and landscaping. Update 28/04/2017 We have submitted general observations on this application which is an improvement on the withdrawn application,…

Queen’s Church of England Primary School

Queen’s Church of England School Update 30/03/2018 Richmond Council have approved the community use of the school facilities with conditions, for example on anti-idling of cars, illegal parking and manoeuvres, restriction of noise and to encourage a regular liaison meeting between the school and the community to address any issues that may arise from the…

Ruth House, Burlington Avenue

Re-development of Ruth House on the corner of Burlington Avenue and the Mortlake Road (Richmond Council ref 12/3893/FUL) Update 16/01/2014 Permission has been granted for this development. Update 07/02/2013 We objected to the re-development of Ruth House, Burlington Avenue. There are two applications on this plot, one for housing facing Burlington Avenue and one for…

Policy consultations by Central Government: planning appeals inquiry process

Review of the planning appeals process Update 19/09/2018 We have commented on the policy consultation by the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government on the Planning Appeal Inquiries process. You can see what we have said here: Planning Appeal Inquiries process review The review is designed to identify how processes can be improved so that…

King’s Observatory, Old Deer Park

Kew’s historic King’s Observatory (Richmond Council ref 11/2592/FUL) Update 11/04/2013 You may remember that we supported the conversion of the historic Royal Observatory into a private residence provided that access was allowed to the cupola and telescope from time to time. Richmond Council considered this at their planning meeting on 14 March 2013. The Planning…

Mortlake Terrace

Change of use application at 2-3 Mortlake Terrace (Richmond Council reference 12/3579/COU) Update 06/11/2013 Permission for change of use has been granted on appeal. Update 11/05/2013 We were surprised to see that the Council turned down an application at 2-3 Mortlake Terrace for a change of use from retail to an estate agent. This was where…

1-2 South Avenue

1-2 South Avenue (Richmond Council reference 12/3447) Update 08/10/2013 The re-development of this commercial site, which has been derelict for several years, has now been approved on appeal. Though we support the need to see the area brought back into productive use, we had objected to the specific plans over concerns including traffic and parking implications….

305 Sandycombe Road

305 Sandycombe Road (Richmond Council ref. 13/3588/FUL) Update 06/02/2016 Two years after the granting of permission for change of use, the developer has finally dealt with the last of the conditions needing to be discharged before work could begin. We hope this means that work will start soon on this currently sorry looking building. Update…

Kew College expansion 30 Cumberland Road

30 Cumberland Road (Richmond Council ref 14/4335/FUL) Update 08/02/2015 Richmond Council’s Planning Committee approved the new application from Kew College at its meeting on 21st January but with an “informative” to the College to liaise with neighbours on a noise management plan and to submit this to the Council. Update 17/12/2014 Kew College have submitted…

Kew Question Time

Kew Question Time Update 18/3/2014 Almost 100 residents attended Kew Question Time on 6 March 2014 to ask the Leader of the Council and members of his Cabinet their questions on the future of the area. The Kew Society asked 3 questions on behalf of its members: 1. Does the Council have plans to review…

Kew Eye Tower, Hounslow

Kew Eye Tower, Ealing Road, Hounslow (formerly Wallis House/Beecham Tower) Update 30/08/2017 A new application, Hounslow Council reference P/2017/2645, for installation of dishes and pole masts on the roof of this building together with 1 cabinet and ancillary equipment has been submitted. We have been liaising with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, commenting if there…

19 Nylands Avenue, Kew

19 Nylands Avenue (Richmond Council ref 14/1149/FUL and 16/0449/FUL) Update 02/12/2016 We are pleased to see that this appeal has been rejected. Update 13/08/2016 An appeal has now been lodged for this development.We have commented to say, amongst other issues, that it is a shame the applicant has not engaged with the community to find…

110 North Road, Kew

110 North Road: Music Salon Update 15/01/2018 Richmond Council have approved plans for controlling noise impacts to adjoining properties, a condition of the development application. You can see the approval here: Update 27/10/2017 This application has been approved with a substantial list of conditions, including a number of points of concern we had raised, Update…

North Road Surgery move to Levett Square (previously named Emerald Gardens)

North Road Surgery move to Levett Square (previously named Emerald Gardens) Update 18/12/2017 We are very pleased to see that the North Road surgery has been successful in its bid to Richmond Council’s Village Planning Fund for new furniture at the premises at Emerald Gardens. Thank you to all who responded to our request to…

Village Planning Fund

Village Planning Village Planning Fund Update 18/12/2017 We are very pleased to have been notified that our small bid to Richmond Council for an additional community notice board n Kew has been approved,. Several other very well worth while projects in Kew have been agreed, including the bid by the North Road Surgery for furniture…

Coach and Horses

Coach and Horses new signage and lighting (Richmond Council ref. 14/2847/ADV) Update 30/09/2014 We objected to plans for new signage at the back of the Coach and Horses and changes to the lighting on the side elevation so that the impact on neighbouring properties could be reduced. Richmond Council however approved the application on 2/9/2014….

Kew Bridge Station Upgrade

Kew Bridge Station (Hounslow Council ref P/2014/1734, 1735 and 1736) Update 23/05/2015 The Section 106 Agreement has now been completed and planning permission granted. The feasibility study demonstrates a viable plan for future step-free access to the station platforms. This is good news for a much needed upgrade to this station. Update 27/03/2015 Step free…

Land next to 36 Mortlake Road

Land adjacent to 36 Mortlake Road (Richmond Council reference 14/2081/FUL) Update 11/11/2014 A revised application for this site was submitted to demolish 2 garages and build 2, 3 bedroom houses with parking for these houses and for the existing Ruth House. We had objected to the previous application which was approved. The revised application was…

Kew Bookshop 1-2 Station Approach

Kew Bookshop (Richmond Council ref. 15/1812/FUL) Update 18/09/2015 Take a look at the Kew Bookshop next time you are passing – the refurbishment work to the exterior cladding is complete and it looks stunning! A vindication of the work in the community to protect this historic building from the inappropriate plans for re-development submitted last…

Pond Lodge planning application

Pond Lodge (Richmond Council ref 15/1605/FUL) Update 16/02/2016 The appeal for this re-development had been refused. You can see the Appeal Inspector’s report here: 3133726 Appeal Decision Pond Lodge: The Inspector commented that the basement extension, part of the re-development proposals, might have been acceptable. We are in touch with Richmond Council to find out more…

1 Kew Gardens Road

1 Kew Gardens Road (Richmond Council ref 15/2054/HOT) Update 20/07/2015 This application has been approved, including the condition we proposed that sleeping should not be allowed in the basement, which has full bathroom facilities, as this would be contrary to flood zone requirements. Update 19/06/2015 There have been a large number of applications on this…


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