The Stag Brewery Lower Richmond Road

The Stag Brewery site redevelopment (Richmond Council references 18/0547/FUL and 18/0548/18)

Update 16/05/2018

We have submitted our objections to this development, largely related to the impact it will have on traffic congestion and consequent air pollution in Kew.  A very large number of objections have been made.

Update 24/04/2018

Two applications have been submitted for the long expected redevelopment of this site, one concerning site clearance and the construction of residential accommodation, care facilities, commercial and leisure facilities, a hotel, cinema, gym and office space and the other a school and sports pitch. There is also an associated application (ref 18/0549/FUL) for the reconfiguration of Chalkers Corner – the junction of the south circular with Clifford Avenue – to ease traffic flow. Though not n Kew, we are considering the applications in relation to their impacts on Kew from traffic congestion and associated air pollution.

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