3 Royal Parade, Kew (Cafe Torelli)

Ventilation system at 3 Royal Parade (Richmond Council ref 18/2548/FUL)

Update 30/11/2018

An application to regularise installation of a new ventilation system has been submitted. The applicant asks that only the visual aspects be considered (the system is smaller than the previous system so visually less intrusive) but acknowledges that the system is not currently environmentally compliant (noise and smells) and has asked for a condition to be imposed that the system should not be used until made compliant. In fact the system appears to be in use already.

We asked for the system to be made compliant without delay or the previous system, which it appears was compliant, to be reinstalled. We  also asked for a condition on operating hours. We have contacted the Environmental Health Department to ask for urgent action in view of the impact on nearby residents.

Planning permission has been refused on grounds of non-compliance re: noise and smells.


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