Kew Eye Tower, Hounslow

Kew Eye Tower, Ealing Road, Hounslow (formerly Wallis House/Beecham Tower)

Update 30/08/2017

A new application, Hounslow Council reference P/2017/2645, for installation of dishes and pole masts on the roof of this building together with 1 cabinet and ancillary equipment has been submitted. We have been liaising with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, commenting if there is an issue over historic vistas.

Update 25/04/2014

Hounslow Council and the developers, Barratt’s, of Wallis House on the Great West Road have agreed with the objections we and Kew Gardens raised over proposed decorative lighting on this tower block. Barratt’s have now withdrawn their proposals.

Update 05/03/2014

We objected to proposals by developers of this site to put decorative lights on the southern and eastern elevations, together with the upper pod of this building. The lights would, in our view, adversely impact views from Kew Green, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the riverside as well as disturbing natural habitats through light pollution and are unnecessary.

Update 18/01/2014

We objected, to Hounslow Council, to external lighting proposed for Wallis House on the Great West Road in Brentford which would impact on the Kew conservation area and Royal Botanic Gardens who have also objected.

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