Queen’s Church of England Primary School

Queen’s Church of England School

Update 30/03/2018

Richmond Council have approved the community use of the school facilities with conditions, for example on anti-idling of cars, illegal parking and manoeuvres, restriction of noise and to encourage a regular liaison meeting between the school and the community to address any issues that may arise from the use of the site.

Update 09/02/2018

The Queen’s school application for a new boundary fence (see the entry below dated 04/01/2018) has been approved.

Update 15/01/2018

Queen’s school now have approval from Richmond Council to their transport policy which was a condition of the arrival of new playing fields. You can see the decision here:

Update 04/01/2018

We submitted a general observation on the application (Richmond Council ref 17/3907/FUL) for a new boundary fence to say that we recognised the need for a secure boundary fence but that the proposed fence would be significantly higher than the existing chain link fence and wall elevation and denser than a chain link fence, so affecting the light for ground flood flats in Gloucester Court. We suggested that a height no more than 2.5 metres, as at present, rather than the proposed 3 metres would both address security concerns and help with light loss.

Update 05/04/2017

The application 16/4201/VRC was approved by Richmond Council’s planning committee on 22 March 2017 with some conditions. The community use agreement, including times the playing fields can be used and parking arrangements, will be considered further with the community and brought back to the Planning Committee for approval.

Update 25/02/2017

An amendment to the community use of the playing pitches has now been submitted which would allow private hire by individuals or community groups until 18.00 Monday to Friday and until 13.00 on Saturdays. Parking will also be provided within the school’s gated car park. The time limits meet one of the comments we and others have made on this application.

Update 2/12/2016

We have commented on this application to significantly increase the size of the astro-turf playing fields (ref 16/4201/VRC) at the school. We support the need for outside play areas for the school but have suggested several adjustments to the plans to meet the concerns of neighbouring residential properties which would be affected by increased noise, traffic and parking problems. We have also asked that the tree dedicated to a well loved teacher at the school who died, Barbara Perry, be re-sited or, if it cannot be transplanted, replaced with a suitable tree in consultation with her family.

We suggest that the use of the playing fields be limited to children only, not for adults; that time limits be placed on when the facilities can be used outside school hours; that the increased pitch size is reviewed in line with the recommendations for use by children from the Football Association; that a fuller noise assessment is carried out to ensure World Health Organisation noise limits are met; that a transport policy is devised to discourage the use of cars and encourage walking, cycling and public transport and CPZ parking restrictions are reviewed and agreed with the community in a Community Use Agreement.

Update 19/6/2015

The Council’s Planning Committee has approved this application for a new building (ref 15/0073/FUL) with various detailed conditions including some suggestions we made  on use of the facilities by the community and on the quality of design materials.

Update 23/5/2015

The application for a new school building will be decided at a forthcoming Richmond Council Planning Committee meeting.

Update 27/03/2015

We made general comments on this application along the lines of the points we made in pre-application comments, including some suggestions on how pupils and staff might be protected from the air pollution from close proximity to the busy Mortlake Road.

Our comments can be read here

Update 14/1/2015

The architects for a proposed new 2 storey school building contacted us for any thoughts we had on their plans before they are submitted to the Council. No increase in pupil or staff numbers is proposed so there are no traffic implications. The new building will be constructed whilst the existing premises are kept in use and the old building will be demolished when the new building is ready. Landscaping and playing fields are included in the plans. We made a few suggestions including on design, the location and possible screening from the Mortlake Road because of recent concerns raised by the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Committee on the location of schools in proximity to roads which cause air pollution, and whether they might consider with the Council any wider community benefits which could result from the rebuild. We welcome early involvement on significant schemes such as this one and will keep an eye out for the application which is expected to be made soon.


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