Pond Lodge planning application

Pond Lodge (Richmond Council ref 15/1605/FUL)

Update 16/02/2016

The appeal for this re-development had been refused. You can see the Appeal Inspector’s report here: 3133726 Appeal Decision Pond Lodge:

The Inspector commented that the basement extension, part of the re-development proposals, might have been acceptable. We are in touch with Richmond Council to find out more about its basement policy following the recent Barnes riverside basement collapse and to ask when the proposed Scrutiny Panel on basements policy, which we have supported in our comments on their approach to the current review of their Local Plan, will be established.

Update 13/01/2013

The applicant submitted an appeal against the refusal of planning permission by Richmond Council. We made further comments to the appeal on problems with overlooking adjacent properties as a result of the scale of the re-development proposed. We await the outcome of the appeal.

Update 19/06/2015

A new, revised, application was submitted for an extensive re-development of this site. Though reduced in scale from the previous application which was turned down, it still a significant rebuild which we do not think is in keeping with the setting and the preservation of this historic building. We objected on the same grounds as for the previous application. This new application has been turned down also, on the grounds that we put forward.

Update 11/11/2014

Many members and non-members approached us about the application (14/3349/FUL) to re-develop Pond Lodge, a locally listed residential building overlooking Kew Pond and Kew Green which many of you will have noticed in this prominent position. We thought the proposals were insensitive to the site and the history of the building, despite the pre-application advice given by the Council on what might be acceptable. We and many local residents objected and the application was withdrawn.  We will keep an eye out for any new application and hope that residents who did contact us and are not already members will consider doing so – the more members we have, the stronger is our voice.

Update 30/09/2014

Our policy is generally not to comment on individual household applications unless there is a wider community interest. Many of you will know this building, which is listed as of Townscape Merit and overlooks Kew Pond in a prominent position on the corner of Bushwood Road and Watcombe Cottages. We have objected to the application for demolition and redevelopment of the 1970s extension on the grounds that the redevelopment proposals are excessive in relation to the part of the building that is listed and not in keeping with this sensitive setting next to Kew Pond and Kew Green.

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