Mortlake Terrace

Change of use application at 2-3 Mortlake Terrace (Richmond Council reference 12/3579/COU)

Update 06/11/2013

Permission for change of use has been granted on appeal.

Update 11/05/2013

We were surprised to see that the Council turned down an application at 2-3 Mortlake Terrace for a change of use from retail to an estate agent. This was where the Larger than Life clothing shop was located. The application was turned down as detrimental to the retail nature of the terrace. As a number of retail outlets have gone from this location, we think it preferable to have the premises used rather than left empty, provided that there are effective controls on the change, such as appropriate signage. We hope the Council might reconsider its policy.

Update 10/01/2013

We note the change of use proposed at 2-3 Mortlake Terrace from retail use to an estate agent. Though we had some concerns that this means another estate agent in an area where there are already quite a few, we felt it preferable that the premises should be occupied rather than continue to be left empty.

We think it is important that members are aware of the principles we apply when considering individual applications. These are set out in our Planning Policy which can be viewed on this web site under “Policy Documents”.  We felt that we should clarify in our policy that one of the considerations, relevant in this case, is to balance the need to retain a mix of local amenities with the need to reduce the risk of vacant properties. We have amended our policy statement to make this clear.

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