Kew Question Time

Kew Question Time

Update 18/3/2014

Almost 100 residents attended Kew Question Time on 6 March 2014 to ask the Leader of the Council and members of his Cabinet their questions on the future of the area. The Kew Society asked 3 questions on behalf of its members:

1. Does the Council have plans to review the traffic and parking implications of the Brentford Stadium development given that journey times will at least double around Chiswick roundabout, Kew Bridge and Kew Road as a consequence of the enabling developments?

2. What discussions is the Council having with the NHS to support the development of primary care facilities in Kew, including the potential move of the North Road surgery to the Old Inland Revenue site?

3. Does the Council share the concerns of the Kew Society about the changing nature of the riverside from the extensive new developments in Brentford, affecting vistas from historic heritage sites in Kew and increasing light pollution?

In supplementary questions we said our concerns over traffic congestion and consequent pollution, verified by independent traffic consultants and confirmed by the GLA, are largely the result of the proposed 910 flats rather than the stadium itself. The problems will affect the A4/M4 corridor and the North and South circular rounds and are likely to be further compromised by plans for the Cycle Superhighway in Brentford. We said that we were very pleased that Taylor Wimpey, the developers of the Old Inland Revenue site, had contacted the North Road surgery at our suggestion and that as a result the surgery had agreed the space they would need on the site for much needed substantial new primary care facilities and submitted a case to the NHS for funding support.  Any support from the Council in discussions with the NHS would be very welcome. And we asked the Council to engage with Hounslow Council to discuss how the impact of developments in Brentford on the riverside can be managed.

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