Garage at the rear or 63-65 Raleigh Road

Garage at the rear of 63-65 Raleigh Road (Richmond Council ref 17/2625/FUL)

Update 28/08/2018

The appeal has been dismissed on highway safety grounds.

Update 15/06/2018

The applicant has now submitted an appeal against the refused planning permission.

Update 13/12/2017

This application, which had a large number of objections including our own, has been refused. on grounds of:

  • the absence of sufficient off-street car parking spaces and no satisfactory parking survey to show that the shortfall would not be prejudicial to the free flow of traffic and highway and pedestrian safety in surrounding streets, and
  • the intensification of the use of the site and associated increase in vehicles entering/exiting via the access road and the lack of capacity on-site to store vehicles other than in the access road, which Richmond Council considered would result in a harmful increase in manoeuvres at the access road/Raleigh Road junction, detrimental to the free flow of traffic and highway and pedestrian safety.

Update 15/09/2017

We have objected to the retrospective application to extend this garage business, making use of the former substation and building a single storey extension, for the same reasons as set out by Councillor Stephen Speak in calling the application in to be considered by Richmond Council’s Planning Committee.

The proximity to houses in Raleigh Road would we believe result in unacceptable levels of noise, fumes and  overlooking as well as the impact of increased volumes of cars. Opening hours also need to be regularised.

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