Deer Park School

Deer Park School new location

Update 23/02/2016

We are very pleased to see that the proposed Deer Park School will not be at this inappropriate location at London House, You can see the announcement of the decision for the school’s permanent home to be at Ryde House in East Twickenham on the link here.

Measurements we commissioned on air quality at this site, in readiness for any planning application, show clear exceedances of air quality standards making the site, in our view, unfit for school use. We have suggested to the Council that they should press the Education Funding Agency to relinquish the site and that it should be returned to office use.

Update 30/3/2015

Residents were able to question Richmond Council and Bellevue Place Education Trust over the proposals for a new school at London House, 243-253 Mortlake Road at a meeting arranged by Zac Goldsmith.Matthew Paul, Head of School Place Commissioning at Richmond Council said that the identified demand for primary school places was in North and South Richmond. Current schools were full and could not meet the projected demand. Whilst a new school in central Richmond would be ideal, there had been an extensive search by the Education Funding Agency responsible for site acquisition and no other alternatives had been identified closer to central Richmond within an affordable price. Click on the following document to see a summary of points made at the meeting on the need for school places in the area: Deer-Park-meeting-31-March-2015 (1)

You can also see the Council’s strategy for Primary Schools, approved by the Council on 14 January 2015 here.

And the proposals from Bellevue Place Education Trust for the school here. Simon Ward from the Trust said pre-application designs for the site would be available in May/June.


Update 27/3/2015

Many residents attended a meeting organised by Zac Goldsmith MP to hear about the proposals for a new free school at London House (formerly an office block), 243-253 Lower Mortlake Road, near Manor Circus. A further meeting has been organised for Monday 30th March at the North Sheen Rec from 13.00-14.00 when Richmond Council will be able to answer residents’ questions on the evidence of need for primary school provision in this part of the Borough and why current schools in the area could not meet any shortfall in provision. We and other raised concerns at the first meeting on the location on the busy A316. The developers anticipate making an application in early September which would include demolition of the current building on this site.

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