Conservation Areas

Designation of new conservation area in Kew

Update 26/04/2017

In 2015, the Council undertook a consultation with residents and businesses whose properties would be affected by the proposed new Conservation Areas in Kew and Whitton. The Council has now designated the following areas in Kew:

  • Conservation Area  15 (extension): Sandycombe Road (269-363 odd; 270-290 even). This is an extension of Kew Gardens conservation area.
  • Conservation Area  73: Burlington Avenue (2-76 even; 1-69 odd), Beechwood Avenue (1-51 odd; 2-54 even); West Park Road 2-44 even;  1-33 odd); North Road (97-115);
  • Conservation Area 74: Ruskin Avenue (2-22 even; 1-21 odd), part Defoe Avenue (24-68 even; 21-67 odd).

The Conservation Area statements including the maps showing the boundaries of the new Conservation Areas can be found on the Council’s website here

Conservation area status awards the Council additional powers to control changes in these special areas. These include control over the demolition of buildings, trees, advertisements, some minor alterations and additions, and the design of new development.

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