Bell and Crown pub and restaurant

Bell and Crown pub and restaurant at 11 Thames Road, Strand on the Green (Hounslow Council ref P/2017/1790 and P/2018/3328)

Update 23/09/2018

Another application has been submitted for this site including the erection of a rear extension to the pub, the creation of a roof terrace, external seating and changes to the kitchen ventilation. We discussed with the Strand on the Green Association (SOGA) and have commented to Hounslow Council to say that if they approve the application, we would want them to ensure the development is in sympathy with the conservation area and that high quality materials are used. We commented specifically that the proposed woven fence at second floor level was not of sufficiently high quality. We also asked for adequate planning conditions to be imposed to ensure no noise nuisance is caused on either side of the river.

Update 03/09/2017

We have been keeping in touch with the Strand on the Green Association (SoGA) on this application. They and the immediate neighbour adjoining the Bell and Crown had a meeting with the pub who agreed that the first floor terrace would be reduced so as not to stretch to the neighbour’s property.  The Bell & Crown subsequently elected to withdraw the first floor terrace and outside dining completely.
At that stage, as agreed with the Bell & Crown, both the neighbour and SoGA withdrew their objections to the application.

Update 12/06/2017

We discussed this application, to extend the first and second floors of this pub on the river Thames, with the Strand on the Green Association. The application was submitted despite the pre-application advice given by Hounslow Council’s conservation officer about the adverse effect the development would have on this historic building and on the setting alongside other historic buildings. We endorsed the comments of the conservation officer and also objected to the potential noise from open terrace areas would would carry across the river as well as to nearby residential properties. Hounslow Council recently refused permission for extension of the nearby City Barge pub which we also cited as reason to refuse this application.


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