275 Sandycombe Road – the Iron Church

275 Sandycombe Road – the Iron Church (ref 15/2682/FUL and 16/0905/FUL)

Update 14/07/2018

We are working with the Local Richmond History Society on a recording the history of the Iron Church at this location.

Update 25/02/2017

This application (reference16/0905/FUL) was approved at Richmond Council’s Planning Committee on 22nd February.

Update 12/04/2016

A new application has been submitted to demolish the Iron Church on this site and replace it with, this time, 6 flats and a slightly bigger than in the last application community space. We have objected to the application which is not significantly different from the previous application. We do not think the new application provides adequate replacement community facilities should this building of Townscape Merit and long local history be demolished. No drop-off or disabled parking is provided and we have asked for confirmation that the space is adequate to the standards set by Sports England for the proposed use and meets disabled access requirements. We have also asked that the developer reviews, in discussion with Network Rail, how to design-in  protection from graffiti on the rail track side of the building.

Update 8/12/2015

The application to demolish the Historic Iron Church and re-develop the site has been withdrawn on the advice of Richmond Council officers pending amendments to the design, a parking survey analysis, ecology issues, affordable housing and the community facilities. Several of these issues were raised by us. We are watching out for any new application.

Update 17/11/2015

The application to demolish the historic Iron Church on Sandycombe Road and build new residential accommodation and community facilities has been withdrawn. We will be keeping an eye out for new proposals.

Update 12/10/2015

We have objected to proposals for re-development of this site which would require demolition of the historic Iron Church. The proposals do not in our view provide a high standard or re-provision of community facilities which would be located in the basement of the proposed new building. We have asked for assurances on the community use proposed and how they will be sustained. We have also asked for evidence for the claim that the Iron Church is not unique in the country. If the Iron Church were to be demolished, we have asked for a Section 106 agreement to require the owner to commemorate the site of the historic building and its local significance.


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