273a Sandycombe Road

273a Sandycombe Road (ref 16/3213/GPD15 and 17/2532/GPD15)

Update 30/8/2017

The prior approval for change of use has been granted with conditions attached.

Update 20/07/2017

An application for prior approval of change of use from office to 5 residential units has been made. We have commented to say that with have no objection to the change of use provided that statutory requirements are met, but the proposed residential units appear unattractive in layout and more detail of elevations, window treatment and fire escape provision as well as general appearance should be presented.

Update 14/10/2016

This application has now been withdrawn by the applicant. It is not at all clear what was proposed for this site and we will keep an eye open for any new application.

Update 30/09/2016

We have asked for clarifications on this application for a change of use from office space back to its former residential use. It may be that the change is justified if there is evidence from letting experience that there is insufficient demand for this kind of space in this location, but the application does not include this evidence. We have also asked for clarification of the number of dwellings proposed, given that the application refers to a 3-4 bedroom house whilst the short traffic report refers to 3-4 dwellings. The traffic report suggests there will be no traffic issues from this change of use. We are asking Richmond Council to consider, with Transport for London, any traffic implications in the light of the cumulative impact of proposed developments along Sandycombe Road, each of which claims, on an individual basis, that there will be no unmanageable traffic implications. (We note that In the case of the appeal for “non-determination” on 267 Sandycombe Road,the Inspector, in turning down the appeal, commented that the assessment that traffic would not be adversely affected was incorrect). We suggest that the impacts along Sandycombe Road itself should be considered as well as the impact on the junction with the A316 at Manor Circus.


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