20 Kew Green

20 Kew Green (ref 15/4556/FUL and 15/4557/LBC)

Update 04/03/2016

Richmond Council has approved these applications with conditions, including reinstatement of the railings and public highway and for brickwork, pointing and bonding to match existing.

A separate application (ref 15/4009/FUL) for a pool house in the garden was refused in the Council’s  Planning Committee on 24th February by a majority vote of 6 to 3, against the Officer’s recommendation for approval.

Update 09/12/2015

We have made general comments on the application for alterations to this listed property which is one of the key historic buildings on Kew Green. (Council reference 15/4556/FUL). The application relates mainly to alterations to the interior which we assume have been carefully looked at by the Council’s conservation officer. We welcome the owner’s emphasis on wanting to conserve the building whilst introducing some modernisation. We have commented that the modern glazing proposed for the rebuilt garden room could be reconsidered so that it is more in keeping with the historic house and we have asked that a condition of approval is included to ensure re-instatement of the pavement at the front of the building as well as the garden railings. We also noted comments made on the missing “aprons” (raised brick areas which are a particular design feature of this period) under the windows on the front elevation. These are visible in photos contained in the Heritage statement but it is not clear how long ago they were removed. We have suggested their re-instatement is considered to enhance the conservation of this beautiful property.

The owner contacted us to say she had asked her historical adviser to look at the aprons – it seems they have not been removed but the pointing could be reviewed to accentuate shading effects.

Update 17/11/2015

We did not comment on the application to build a swimming pool in the back garden of this property on the basis that our Planning Policy, published on our website, is not to comment on individual household applications unless there is a clear wider community interest. This is a judgement call in each case, but we took the view that the pool is not visible except to immediate neighbours and did not meet our criteria for wider community interest which we do our best to apply consistently. There have many comments by neighbours and others and the decision of the Council is now awaited.

Two applications are now in for alterations to the house itself, one for Listed Building Consent, (Council references 15/4556/FUL and 15/4557/LBC) which we are looking at carefully.

Update 11/10/2015

The first of two applications for this property is now out for consultation on the Richmond Council website, reference 15/4009/FUL.

Update 20/7/2015

The new owner of this property is keeping in regular contact with us and has let us know that the scaffolding at this property is for work agreed with the Council to carry out repairs to the roof, for pointing to the arches above the windows and for painting the window frames in agreed colours. Pre-application discussions are on-going with the Council on the planning applications needed for other work at the property.

Update 23/06/2015

We have been contacted by the new owner of this property who confirms that discussions are underway with the Council on the planning applications for this listed property. The owner is keen to ensure that the integrity of the building is safeguarded.

Update 18/06/2015

Richmond Council ref 15/T0199/TCA

The Council has issued its decision confirming they would not impose a Tree Preservation Order on the two trees in the rear of the property which the owner wanted to fell. The Council explained that a notification of proposed work has to be submitted in a conservation area and the Council has 6 weeks to decide whether to issue a Tree Preservation Order to stop the work. It can only do this where the tress are clearly visible from a public vantage point, which is not the case here.

Update 23/5/2015

Richmond Council have confirmed that a planning application for work on this historic building has been submitted and is being validated. We are keeping an eye out for the application. We also raised with the Council the removal of paving stones on the pavement at the front of the building. The Council have raised this with the developers who have confirmed the paving stones will be replaced at the end of the building work. The Council have also advised the developers to apply for a temporary vehicle crossover for the duration of the works to protect the highway.

Update 25/04/2015

Richmond Council ref 15/T0199/TCA

The application to fell a beech tree and an oak tree at the rear of the property has now been submitted. We have objected on the grounds that there is no evidence that felling rather than improved pruning is necessary, the trees provide an attractive outlook for neighbours and any work in the garden should be considered in the context of work to the property as a whole for which an application has not been submitted though it would appear substantial work may be intended.

Update 08/04/2015

A number of members have asked us about the work that appears to be going on at this recently sold historic Grade 11 listed property on Kew Green. We have contacted Richmond Council who confirm that both the planning and the conservation departments are looking into this and a site visit has been made as no planning application for work has been submitted. We understand an application relating to trees is being validated and will be on the Council website shortly.We have also contacted English Heritage and the Georgian Society to alert them and ask them to be involved.

Thank you to all who raised the issue with us and we will update with further news when we know more.

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