19 Nylands Avenue, Kew

19 Nylands Avenue (Richmond Council ref 14/1149/FUL and 16/0449/FUL)

Update 02/12/2016

We are pleased to see that this appeal has been rejected.

Update 13/08/2016

An appeal has now been lodged for this development.We have commented to say, amongst other issues, that it is a shame the applicant has not engaged with the community to find a more acceptable scheme for this site.

Update 15/07/2016

We are pleased to see that Richmond Council has turned down this application. The many neighbours who also objected will be relieved that this inappropriate over-development with poor amenity space will not go ahead.

Update 12/04/2016

We have objected to a new application on this site for the demolition of the existing 3 bedroom house and the creation 3, 3 bedroom houses. This is 1 fewer houses than the previous application but we consider this is still an over-development of the site and inappropriate to the area, including lack of off street parking and outdoor amenity space.

Update 19/06/2015

The applicant appealed the decision by the Council and we are pleased to see the Appeal Inspector dismissed the appeal, supporting the Council’s decision.

Update 05/06/2014

We opposed the excessive over-development proposed for this site and are pleased to see the application has been refused.

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