1 Kew Gardens Road

1 Kew Gardens Road (Richmond Council ref 15/2054/HOT)

Update 20/07/2015

This application has been approved, including the condition we proposed that sleeping should not be allowed in the basement, which has full bathroom facilities, as this would be contrary to flood zone requirements.

Update 19/06/2015

There have been a large number of applications on this property since it changed its use from a doctor’s surgery to private residential use. Amongst the applications, one for a basement extension was granted on appeal. A new application to extend this basement further still has been submitted. If approved, the size would increase from approximately 23.5 sq m for the basement only recently approved on appeal, to 171 sq.m. There would also be changes to the front elevation of this  building of Townscape Merit. We have objected because of its size and also asked that, for the avoidance of any doubt if the application were to be approved, a condition should be imposed to restrict use for sleeping, since the plans include full bathroom facilities, which would be contrary to requirements for basements in flood risk areas like this property.

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