1-9 Sandycombe Road

1-9 Sandycombe Road Redevelopment proposals (ref APP/L5810/W/16/3158532, 16/4890/FUL and 16/4889/OUT)

Update 28/07/2017

Richmond Council’s Planning Committee on 19 July considered the two applications made after the one, for a larger scheme, approved on appeal. The Committee approved both applications (ref 16/4890/FUL and 16/4889/OUT) with some conditions. The developer is now likely to proceed with the larger scheme for which it has approval.

Update 23/06/2017

The appeal made by the developers against Richmond Council’s refusal of their application has been granted. You can see the Planning Inspector’s letter here: APPEAL DECISION 3158532 1-9 Sandycombe Road (1)

Update 28/4/2017

The Appeal public inquiry has now concluded and we await the decision of the Inspector. We spoke at the inquiry to oppose the application largely because of its height, scale and massing. Several local residents were present. Councillor Speak also spoke against the application.

Update 05/04/2017

The appeal, which is to be dealt with as a public inquiry, for this re-development is now fixed to start at 10.00 on the 25th of April 2017 at York House, Richmond Road, Twickenham. We have asked to speak at the inquiry which may last a few days.

Update 27/01/2017

The Appeal Hearing for the application turned down by Richmond Council is expected to be at the end of April.

In the meantime the developers have submitted 2 new planning applications for this site. One (16/4890/FUL) makes minor modifications to the external appearance to meet 1 of the reasons for refusal of their first application. We have commented to say this does not meet all the reasons for refusal given by the Council’s Planning Committee of the first application. The second application – 16/4889/OUT – is a more substantial revision, lowering the height by 1 floor (about 3 metres) and reducing the number of units from 20 to 18, so reducing the units to parking ratio. We have commented to say that further reductions in height and massing could be achieved were Richmond Council to review its designation of the site for mixed use, as we suggested in our  comments on the first application now being appealed.

Update 25/11/2016

An appeal has been submitted (ref APP/L5810/W/16/3158532) which will be heard as a Public Inquiry over 2 days. We will be applying to take part when the dates are announced,

Update 07/08/2016

This application was considered by Richmond Council’s Planning Committee on Wednesday  3rd August. Despite a recommendation from Officers to grant permission, the Committee unanimously turned it down, largely on grounds of height and massing. We will be keeping an eye on what might be proposed next for this site – perhaps a modified proposal to address community concerns.

Update 06/03/2016

We have submitted our objections to this re-development which you can see here:1-9 Sandycombe Road

Before submitting our comments we had a helpful meeting with the developer to ensure we fully understood their proposals and to discuss issues of concern. We recognise that the developer has modified the original proposals following pre-application discussions with the Council and in response to issues raised by residents. But we think the scheme could be improved further, particularly over building heights, landscaping and car parking. We are also asking for the release for public scrutiny of the financial viability assessment and Council’s review which we understand will be complete in the next month. This would justify the number of units needed for the scheme to be viable, whether affordable housing, including for key workers, could be included, and the amount of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). We are taking every opportunity to encourage release of this information as the norm for all schemes where a viability assessment is required – see our updates on the Brentford Football Stadium enabling developments and on our submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on National Policy on the Built Environment.

Update 12/02/2016

The application for this redevelopment is available on-line (Richmond Council ref.15/5376/FUL). We will be submitting comments shortly.

Update 08/12/2015

Goldcrest are planning the re-development of this site with a mixture of residential units and office space. An exhibition, open to all, will be held on Thursday  3 December from 16.00 – 20.00 at the Pavilion Cafe & clubhouse at North Sheen Recreation Ground. Goldcrest say their plans for the site will be on display and members of the project team will be available to answer questions. Some information is also on their website here: 1-9 Sandycombe Road

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