1-2 South Avenue

1-2 South Avenue (Richmond Council reference 12/3447)

Update 08/10/2013

The re-development of this commercial site, which has been derelict for several years, has now been approved on appeal. Though we support the need to see the area brought back into productive use, we had objected to the specific plans over concerns including traffic and parking implications. The Appeal Inspector set some conditions on finish, landscaping and sound proofing which the Council will monitor. The new development will comprise 5 flats, office space and parking.

Update 11/05/2013

Richmond Council has submitted a robust case to the Planning Inspectorate on the developer’s “out-of-time” appeal for the redevelopment of 1-2 South Avenue, off Sandcombe Road, on which we have also made representations to the Inspectorate. The Council had prepared a  number of reasons for refusing the original application, including impacts on the street scene – the development would have restricted open vistas – parking and traffic problems and lack of contribution to community infrastructure. We would like to see the site put to good use and it is disappointing that the developer did not engage with local residents and businesses on what would be beneficial here.

Update 26/03/2013

We were pleased to see that the application to develop 1-2 South Avenue, off Sandycombe Road, was refused by the Council. We and many individual residents had objected to the proposals. The applicant has now lodged an appeal and we have written again to confirm our objections and to highlight the reluctance of the applicant to engage with local businesses and the community to develop an acceptable proposal.  We also drew attention to the decision made on the adjacent 275 Sandycombe Road proposals as we believe options for the area as a whole should be considered together.

Update 10/01/2013

We shared our thinking on the application to re-develop 1-2 South Avenue with the Kew Residents Association and our local Councillor Jean-Francois Burford. The application is to develop a site which has been empty for 3 years next to the railway track off Sandycombe Road. Our concerns are that the plan to provide 5 housing units and office space for 60 people with some (limited) parking space will adversely affect parking along Sandycombe Road. We have asked for a full transportation study to assess the impacts on Sandycombe Road and neighbouring properties, an assessment of the impact of change of use from residential to employment use, and more local discussion for more comprehensive and sustainable proposals for this site.



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