National Park City

Kew Society support for the Greater London National Park City

Update 17/11/2015

We have added our support to this initiative which aims to identify Greater London as a National Park. Though London would not have the same legal status as other National Parks, it would emphasis the value that we put on our natural heritage – our green and blue spaces and the air we breathe – as well as our built heritage.

You can read more about the initiative here.

To gain National Park status, two thirds of London’s Wards need to declare their support as well as London’s Mayor. The main contenders for London Mayor have said they support the idea and 69 Wards have signed up to date. We have asked our Councillors if they will also support the idea and have approached other local groups to do so as well. The Council have their own River Park scheme underway but in time we hope they will support this wider initiative too.

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