Sandycombe Road Traffic Calming

Traffic calming

Update 29/10/2017

We have been looking into the road works currently underway on Sandycombe Road  and understand this may be the next stage in implementation of the traffic calming measures on which Richmond Council consulted in 2015 and for which funding seems now to have been identified. You can see the outcome of the consultation here:

We have asked for a detailed timetable for the implementation if possible and will provide an update with this information when we have it.

We have also been advised that pavement repair work will be undertaken between North Avenue and Manor Circus.

Some of us observed a while ago the work that was undertaken to extend the pavement outside the Kew Gardens Hotel where the 391 bus used to be able to pull in. It seems that this work was undertaken by Transport for London. We are not quite clear how this is considered an improvement but it may be for pedestrian safety reasons.

Update 25/05/2016

The final part of the work by Richmond Council at the junction of Sandycombe Road with High Park Road and Lichfield Road is about to start. This includes the laying of anti-skid material to the top of the raised table and heritage gravel surfacing on the footways.  For the works to be undertaken as safely and quickly as possible the Council will need to work through the night, when pedestrian and vehicle flow is minimal.

The works are weather dependent but have been provisionally programmed for the following nights, between 8pm and 5am.

  • Tuesday 31 May
  • Wednesday 1 June
  • Thursday 2 June
  • Monday 6 June
  • Tuesday 7 June

Local road closures will be in place and, during the full closure of Sandycombe Road, vehicles will be diverted via The Avenue and Kew Road. Temporary parking restrictions will be implemented to accommodate large vehicles and buses. There will be no parking within the coned areas during the hours of operation.

The Council recognise that these measures will cause disruption and aim to minimise this as far as possible. They will erect advance warning signs in the area before the  works start. If you experience difficulties with the works on site contact Richmond Council’s  Customer Service Centre on 0208 891 1411 quoting reference 2324- L-LF-171215

For emergencies affecting public safety outside office hours or at weekends contact the Careline office 020 8744 2442.

Update 11/05/2016

The work around the raised table at the junction of Sandycombe Road, Lichfield Road and Station Parade is nearing completion and Richmond Council have provided us with the following progress report.

Planting has been ordered for the new central planter/seating area and should be in before the end of May, dependent on plant delivery from the supplier. The anti-skid and heritage surfacing is programmed for the half term week at the end of May. Works will be undertaken at night and a full 2 night closure will be required to lay the material on the main road. Subject to weather, the works will be completed within 5 nights.

The next stages of traffic calming further along Sandycombe Road are being looked at currently. No dates can be confirmed yet.

Update 21/03/2016

There have been a few queries about the status of the traffic calming work at the junction with Lichfield Road.

The scheme is not yet complete.  The Council have yet to install new street furniture, including planters, cycle stands and bollards. These will prevent vehicles from overrunning the footway area. The Council are awaiting arrival of the cycle stands from the supplier. In the meantime some temporary barriers will be installed to prevent vehicles from mounting the footways.

The coloured heritage surfacing onto the footway and side road entry treatments is also yet to be completed. This will provide a clear difference between footway and main road. This is programmed for late April/May as it is weather dependent.

The raised table is designed in accordance with bus design standards. Once the coloured footway surfacing, street furniture and side entry treatments are completed, drivers will have much more of a visual impact on both approaches which will assist in changing drivers behaviour.

Update 23/02/2016

Work on re-surfacing the old carriageway and creating a raised table for traffic calming between Ennerdale Road and Broomfield Road will be carried out between 7th-10th March overnight from 20.00 to 05.00. While the work is carried out, there will be full traffic diversions in place and parking restrictions. Access for residents will still be available and emergency vehicle and pedestrian access are unaffected.The initial excavation work will be noisy.

Note that the removal of the parking space near the Greenhouse cafe is temporary whist the surface finish is match the new finishes. The black tarmac finishes are also temporary – the oils need need to evaporate before a final surface is added.

Update 12/02/2016

As part of the work going on for traffic calming in Sandycombe Road, the Council are also realigning the pedestrian traffic island at the junction with Broomfield Road. This island is continually being damaged by large vehicles turning left into Station Parade from Sandycombe Road as the existing layout does not provide sufficient room to undertake this manoeuvre. The island is also substandard in width and is very well used by people accessing Broomfield House School.

The kerb-line between Lichfield and Broomfield Roads has been pulled back slightly to create additional road width in the vicinity of the island. The kerb-line between Leyborne Park and the entrance to Station Parade is also being pulled back slightly so that the existing traffic island can be re-aligned and to give more room for vehicles, including HGVs making the left turn into Station Parade. These changes will benefit pedestrians and HGV access and also reduce the likelihood of future maintenance costs from vehicles hitting the island.

Work on this aspect of the road works will start within the next couple of days. It requires some further traffic restrictions to allow the work to be undertaken safely as follows:

  • a restriction on traffic turning left into Station Parade from Kew Gardens Road with all traffic wishing to access Station Parade diverted to access from the south;
  • a restriction on turning left into Leyborne Park from Kew Gardens Road.

This means that any traffic from Kew Road wishing to access either Leyborne Park or Station Parade will need to follow the set diversion along Kew Road and The Avenue and then back up Sandycombe Road as the right turn into both roads will still be permitted.

These diversions mean some inconvenience for residents and those accessing the shops, but the Council aim to complete the works as quickly and as safely as possible. They expect to be able to remove all the one way working within the 6 weeks timescale they told us of at the start of the works.

Update 09/02/2016

As you know the works for traffic calming are now well under way. So far they have gone smoothly to plan.

In the next few days the Council will be removing the two planted areas on the corner of High Park Road. These are to be replaced with a high quality wooden planter/seating arrangement and a low level planted area to improve the line of sight from the station to the Botanic Gardens along Lichfield Road.

The Council also expects to be able to have the one way traffic system removed sometime next week.

Update 08/12/2015

Work on the traffic calming measures along Sandycombe Road are programmed to start on 11 January. The first stage will be focussed around the Station Parade/High Park Road junction and will consist of a large raised table area to slow vehicle speeds; improved surfacing and planting areas on the pavement; buff coloured road surfacing across the junctions with Lichfield and High Park Roads to link with heritage gravel pavements and promote a more pedestrian friendly environment; a revised layout and upgrade of street furniture (to include the traffic island at the junction with Station Approach); improved lighting on the zebra crossing in addition to new LED lanterns for the length of Sandycombe Rd; both bus stops to be made fully accessible; general improvements to existing materials and surfacing around the extents of the scheme. Note that some of the planting heights are likely to be reduced to improve the line of sight for visitors between the station and Lichfield Road, on their way to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

A plan of the improvements is here: Sandycombe Road traffic calming.

Because of the nature of the works and the width of Sandycombe Rd, there will be significant disruption in the local area whilst the works are undertaken. Details of the timetable and the traffic management arrangements are as follows:

Phase 1 – To start 11 January and last approximately 2.5 weeks: Ennerdale to Lichfield (western footway and kerbline)  and Lichfield to Broomfield Roads. The works require:

  • southbound closure of Sandycombe Road between Broomfield Road and Ennerdale Road;
  • full closure of Lichfield Road at the Sandycombe Road junction to smooth traffic flow and provide an area for a storage unit
  • no entry into High Park Road to provide space for larger vehicles to turn right out of High Park Road
  • the southbound bus on diversion via Kew Road and the Avenue.

Phase 2 – Broomfield Road to Station Parade (eastern footway and kerbline), including works to the bus stop. Approx. 1.5 weeks. Traffic management will be as follows:

  • southbound closure of Sandycombe Road between Broomfield Road and Ennerdale Road
  • full closure of Lichfield Road at the Sandycombe Road junction to smooth traffic flow and provide an area for storage
  • no entry into High Park Road to provide space for larger vehicles to tun right out of High Park Road
  • the southbound bus on diversion via Kew Road and the Avenue.

Phase 3 – Drainage and kerb works in High Park Road. Approx. 1 week. Traffic management will be as follows:

  • no left turn out of Station Parade
  • Sandycombe Road 2 way working
  • Lichfield Road re-opened
  • no turning into High Park Road

Phase 4 – remaining footway works, setts, furniture  and planters.  Approx 4 weeks. All roads and restricted turns re-opened.

Surfacing is planned to start in March under full night-time closures lasting approx. 3 nights

Heritage surfacing on the footway and road anti-skid will be laid in about May 2016, depending on the weather. Note that for a short period until then this means that these surfaces will temporarily be black tarmac

As buses on the southbound 391 bus route will be diverted down Kew Road and the Avenue and then back onto Sandycombe Road, this means that three of the southbound bus stops will not be in use. Pedestrians at High Park Rd will be directed down Lichfield Road to pick up the 391 at the bus stop on Kew Road. There will also be a temporary bus stop near the Sandycombe Road / The Avenue junction.

Advance warning notices will be erected before Christmas and letters sent to those properties directly affected to try to provide as much advance notice as possible. Any questions can be sent to Lisa Fenn, Principal Traffic Engineer at Richmond Council, on

Though there will be considerable temporary disruption to travel arrangements we all hope the final result will mean reduced speeding along Sandycombe Road as well as improvements for people making their way from Kew Gardens station to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

 Update 15/10/2015

Richmond Council have approved the plans for improvements to Sandycombe Road including traffic calming measures. We expect the work will start soon.

Update 7/7/2015

The public consultation has now ended and we await the outcome of the Council’s analysis or responses, including a petition submitted by some residents.

Update 28/5/2015

Richmond Council have started the consultation on traffic calming measures along Sandycombe Road. A  number of members raised this issue at our AGM last year and we have been in discussion with Councillor Speak. Have your say in the consultation here

Update 14/1/2015

Councillor Stephen Speak has responded to the issues we raised on behalf of members of traffic speeds and HGVs on Sandycombe Road by inviting me as Chair of the Kew Society to walk along Sandycombe Road with him and Council officials to take a look together at what might be done.Several options are being looked at to calm traffic through a combination of raised areas and changing the side of the road on which cars are parked along some sections. The Council is also looking at how to provide parking places in adjacent streets for any lost spaces on Sandycombe Road which could result from more raised areas to slow traffic down. It is also  looking at the signage for HGVs so that the 7.5 ton restriction that applies to the whole area can be enforced properly. Other areas we raised are also being looked at and we are particularly interested in ideas to improve the area from Kew Village to Lichfield Road which could lead to big improvements in the feel of the Village and clear routes to the Royal Botanic Gardens. The Council hopes to be able to consult on proposals in the Spring.

Update 17/12/2014

At our AGM members raised concerns over HGVs and speeding along Sandycombe Road. We have followed this up and been in discussion with Councillor Stephen Speak, the Cabinet member for Highways and Streetscene who is currently reviewing options for traffic calming in this area following the rejection of a 20mph Borough wide limit in the recent Council consultation on this.

We have suggested that the current weight limit of 16.5 tons at certain times along this road could be reviewed as well as the weight limit signage which is only at the Manor Circus end of the road. We have also asked for information on any restrictions on the timing of deliveries to Kew Village and the weight of these vehicles and also for waste collection. The Council are experimenting with defined delivery times in other centres of the Borough which may also help in Kew. We have said that in principle we support traffic calming measures if these do not adversely impact on space for car parking and we have said that options the Council are considering for a redesign of the area from Kew Village to Lichfield Road could be very interesting, especially if they reinforce the action we have been taking to improve direction finding from the station to the Royal Botanic Gardens with a new map and finger-post signage.

Any proposals from the Council will be subject to public consultation.


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