Towpath maintenance and improvement

Proposed tree works along the towpath

Update 23/11/2015

The Port of London Authority have published plans for more proposed tree works on the towpath between Beverley Brook and Kew commencing late January/February 2017.  Any comments or concerns please contact James Trimmer, Director of Planning & Environment, PLA or

See the documents below for details. All areas are included since many people are interested in this stretch of the towpath. The overview and Area 1 and 2  cover the area up to Chiswick Bridge.

Consultation Final – Priority_Works_2016








Update 01/06/2016

Towpath clearance

The Kew Society launched a trial ‘Thames Towpath Clearance’ initiative to kick start Kew towpath clearance plans to help manage vegetation growth and build up of litter along the River Thames ‘grot spots’

Members worked under the seasoned guidance of Becky Law from The Thames Landscape Strategy for a few hours to help improve the appearance of the riverside and open up views along the riverbank.

We also noted sites for installation of benches at viewpoints along the riverside and future improvements that could be easily addressed at future volunteer get-togethers.

Look out for our next planned ‘grotbuster’ session and do come along to help and learn more about the best ways to manage the riverside – all you need are sturdy shoes, gardening gloves ad a sense of adventure – it is great fun!

By Mary Done

Members in Action!






Update 13/11/2015

The need for further work has been identified by the Port of London Authority in respect of works being carried out along the towpath. Given that many of our members use all the Towpath, not just the Kew part, the schedule and all the OS maps are attached. The works are intended to start in Jan/Feb 2016. If people have any concerns please contact Avril Dalglish by email or contact the PLA – 01474 562 200.


Kew Pier to Beverley Brook- PLA – Priority_Works_2015







Update 21/09/2015

The Port of London Authority (PLA) have identified 4 small sections totalling 80m2 of revetment along the River Thames between Hammersmith and Kew bridge that are in need of repair. Site visits have shown that the failures are attributed to discrete areas of toe failure, erosion and displacement of individual stones.

The PLA intend to carry out these small repairs this winter (October/November) with the work consisting of like for like profile reinstatement with items collected from the foreshore with the exception of areas where timber toe boards have failed as these will be replaced with shallow steel sheet trench piles. The steel replacements will have minimal visual, environmental or aesthetic impact.

The three attachments show the location of the works (Revetment repairs 2015), typical areas of deterioration (RVB C1017 -A3 Layout) and typical repairs (RVB C 1018-A3 Layout).

The PLA expect that the works will be undertaken without the need to arrange for a formal temporary closure. If, however, for any reason this
should change due to a specific operational reason they will let us know and programme in a footpath closure request.

If you require any further information or have any queries regarding these works please contact the PLA – 01474 562 200.

Update 28/03/2015

Towpath tree felling

Tree felling work  is currently being carried out on the revetments from Hammersmith to Richmond by the Port of London Authority (PLA).

The PLA are responsible for carrying out any of the work up to the high tide mark (although when this involves flood defences Environmental Agency may be involved).  However for many years the PLA have not carried out any systematic maintenance of the revetments and consequently numerous self seeding tress, often Ash and Sycamore, have lodged their roots in the brickwork and river bank itself.  Many of the groups that sit on the Towpath Group, of which the Kew Society is one, have been urging the PLA for years to implement a maintenance regime and they are now slowly redressing the issues.  Very high tides and the vagaries of the weather over the past few years may well have added impetus to the PLA undertaking the current work. It would be wonderful if the integrity of the revetments was in accord with every individuals perspective of what the river bank should contain and what the view should be from either side of the River.    Sadly this is not always the case. At present we are in discussion  with Richmond Council about the need to have a policy for replacing  felled, or those storm damaged  trees on the landward side of the Tow Path.

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