Kew Bridge

Kew Bridge

Update 17/07/2018

We are working to find a way to restore the historic plaque on Kew Bridge that has become very worn.

Update 14/01/2015

We commented on an application for work to the old public conveniences at Kew Bridge (Richmond Council reference 14/4610/LBC) to say that whilst we welcome some restoration work at this long empty site, we thought a better approach would be for basic safety work to be undertaken and marketing of the site to secure a new occupier who would have their own requirements for full restoration work. The application has been approved but we nevertheless hope that a new occupier will soon be found and that imaginative plans will be made for the use of this site. There are many examples of the transformation of old public conveniences around the country.

Update 30/09/2014

(Richmond Council reference 14/3467/LBC)

We made some general comments on this application for new drainage channels and ventilation improvements, supporting some of the work but asking that proposals to open up the spandrels for ventilation should be fully justified or dropped since this is a listed structure, for a review of the narrow pavement at the north end of the bridge, and for remedial work to be undertaken at the same time on the old public toilets and the land adjacent to the bridge also owned by Transport for London. The application has been withdrawn for the moment and new drawings are to be submitted.


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