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87 Kew Green

87 Kew Green (Richmond Council references 18/2456/FUL and 18/2556/LBC)

Update 30/11/2018

The long obsolete public lavatories under Kew Bridge have a new proposed use as a joinery shop. We have supported the change of use and planning application which could bring new employment opportunities as well as a valuable service to Kew residents. Windows currently boarded up would be opened up again and the existing doors replaced.

Planning permission has been granted for the change.

3 Royal Parade, Kew (Cafe Torelli)

Ventilation system at 3 Royal Parade (Richmond Council ref 18/2548/FUL) Update 30/11/2018 An application to regularise installation of a new ventilation system has been submitted. The applicant asks that only the visual aspects be considered (the system is smaller than the previous system so visually less intrusive) but acknowledges that the system is not currentlyContinue Reading

The Stag Brewery Lower Richmond Road

The Stag Brewery site redevelopment (Richmond Council references 18/0547/FUL and 18/0548/18) Update 16/05/2018 We have submitted our objections to this development, largely related to the impact it will have on traffic congestion and consequent air pollution in Kew.  A very large number of objections have been made. Update 24/04/2018 Two applications have been submitted forContinue Reading

Policy Consultations by the London Mayor: draft new London Plan

London Mayor’s draft new London Plan Update 28/08/2018 Arrangements for the Examination in Public (EIP) of the draft London Plan have been announced. You can see the timetable here: The independent Panel will submit its final report in the Summer 2019. London Mayor’s draft new London Plan Update 28/02/2018 We have submitted comments from theContinue Reading

Citroen Garage Site Capital Interchange Way, Brentford

Citroen Garage site at Capital Interchange Way, Brentford (Hounslow Council resf P/2017/4692 and 01508/A/P6, Richmond Council ref 17/4104/CON and GLA reference D&P/4279) Update 19/09/2018 Zac Goldsmith MP has written to the Secretary of State at our request to ask him to call in the Mayor’s decision in favour of this development and consider it alongsideContinue Reading

Chiswick Roundabout B and Q site

B&Q site redevelopment Update 12/06/2017 Developers Reef Estates are holding a public exhibition on their proposals to redevelop this site on Chiswick roundabout, opposite the site proposed for the 32 storey “Chiswick Curve” which was refused by Hounslow Council. The exhibition will be held at the London Museum of Steam and Water, Green Dragon Lane,Continue Reading

Kew Biothane Plant redevelopment

Kew Biothane Plant redevelopment Update 08/07/2018 There seems to have been a good turn out for the exhibition on this proposed site re-development. For those who could not make it, the details are now on the Red and Yellow website: Update 12/06/2018 Red and Yellow are holding two drop in exhibitions where you can seeContinue Reading

9 Station Approach

9 Station Approach (formerly Ma Cuisine) ref 16/3159/FUL and 16/3160/ADV, 16/4483/FUL and 18/2162/ES191 Update 19/09/2018 Richmond Council have approved the section 191 application establishing lawful use as a restaurant.This means that the outstanding retrospective planning application (ref 16/4483/FUL) can now be considered, we expect in a Planning Committee meeting. Update 07/08/2018 A section 191 applicationContinue Reading

1-4 Capital Interchange Way

1-4 Capital Interchange Way Update 16/09/2018 Built Environment Communications Group (BECG), who specialise in promoting community engagement and increasing public awareness of local developments, have written to tell us they are working  with Redrow and Catelyst, the developers who are formulating proposals for redevelopment of this site with circa 450 homes, commercial space and publicContinue Reading


Houseboats at Strand on the Green (Hounslow Council ref P/2018/2595) Update 18/07/2018 A new application (Hounslow reference P/2018/2595) has now been submitted similar to the earlier one for two houseboats at Steam Packet Steps.  We have objected again, seeking clarification of the position taken by the Port of London Authority and the position on  planningContinue Reading