About The Kew Society

About The Kew Society

The Kew Society, which is more than 100 years old, is an influential organisation dedicated to enhancing the beauty and character of Kew with its historic legacy of buildings and green spaces.

In 1987 the Kew Society became a registered charity.

Main Aims of The Kew Society

Main Aims of The Kew Society

To review all planning applications in Kew with special regard to the architectural integrity and character of the neighbourhood.

To play an active role in the improvement of local amenities.

Keeping residents in touch with what is happening in their community.

To achieve its aims The Kew Society

To achieve its aims The Kew Society

Works closely with Local Government Councillors and the local Member of Parliament

Monitors all the planning applications and comments as needed

Makes representations to public and private organisations

Works with other organisations involved with local environmental issues including our green spaces, the towpath, pollution and aircraft noise.

Committee and Volunteers

Committee and Volunteers

The Kew Society is run by unpaid volunteers.  The Executive Committee meets eleven times a year while sub-committees look after particular areas of interest.

The Society organises community events including parties, picnics, lectures and outings and produces the Kew Society Newsletter with information about general local issues, events, planning matters and forthcoming activities.

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  • The Kew Society Policies


    The Society monitors all planning applications made in Kew as well as others in the surrounding area that could affect Kew. We comment as appropriate. We sometimes give evidence when required at planning appeals to the Planning Inspectorate. More information on planning


    The Society is aware of the risk to the local environment from noise, light and air pollution, over-development and litter. All green spaces have been listed and most of them have been given action plans in conjunction with the biodiversity plans of the Ecology department of Richmond Council. We are keen to ensure that Kew remains a pleasant and healthy place in which to live.


    The Society supports the campaign for strong local policing to ensure that crime and vandalism (especially graffiti) in Kew is kept under control.


    The Society supports the Transport for London policy to increase the availability and accessibility of public transport, in order to reduce our reliance on personal transport. The Society also supports Richmond Council's transport policies for enforcement of speed limits and the safety of all road users.

    The Society understands the need for a strong air transport industry, but will continue to lobby for a balance between commerce and the thousands of individuals who will bear the burden of increased air traffic in the Heathrow area.

    Leisure and Sport

    Kew and Richmond are relatively well provided with sports facilities, playgrounds, parks, walks and open spaces. But the Society is concerned to observe that there has been a significant physical deterioration in many of these amenities in the last few years. The Society supports efforts to preserve open spaces and maintain facilities, particularly in the face of rising population pressures in Kew.


    The Society recognises the importance of education and therefore supports action to enhance and develop local schools and the Kew library.


    Kew is home to many elderly people and, with forecasts for large population increases, the Society wants to ensure that enough local practitioners are available to enable residents to obtain appointments without long waits.