About The Kew Society

About The Kew Society

The Kew Society, which is more than 100 years old, is an influential organisation dedicated to enhancing the beauty and character of Kew with its historic legacy of buildings and green spaces.

In 1987 the Kew Society became a registered charity.

Main Aims of The Kew Society

Main Aims of The Kew Society

To review all planning applications in Kew with special regard to the architectural integrity and character of the neighbourhood.

To play an active role in the improvement of local amenities.

Keeping residents in touch with what is happening in their community.

To achieve its aims The Kew Society

To achieve its aims The Kew Society

Works closely with Local Government Councillors and the local Member of Parliament

Monitors all the planning applications and comments as needed

Makes representations to public and private organisations

Works with other organisations involved with local environmental issues including our green spaces, the towpath, pollution and aircraft noise.

Committee and Volunteers

Committee and Volunteers

The Kew Society is run by unpaid volunteers.  The Executive Committee meets eleven times a year while sub-committees look after particular areas of interest.

The Society organises community events including parties, picnics, lectures and outings and produces the Kew Society Newsletter with information about general local issues, events, planning matters and forthcoming activities.

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Event Information:

  • Tue
    5:00 pmThe Jodrell Lecture Theatre Kew Gardens

    The Jodrell Theatre in Kew Gardens was packed to capacity to hear a fascinating talk by Susanne Groom who is a local author (Kew Palace The Official Illustrated History & At the Kings Table, Royal Dining Through The Ages) and the former Collections Curator for the Historic Royal Palaces.

    Susanne took us on a tour of the lost 18th century buildings and follies in Kew Gardens, considering why they may have been built and speculating the effects they produced on those who viewed them.

    We are exceedingly grateful to Susanne for giving up her time to come and talk to us.


    The Temple of Aeolus, copyright RGB Kew