Welcome to Kew

Situated south west of London and near to Richmond, Kew is an ancient crossing point of the River Thames. Home to the world famous Kew Gardens and the UK's National Archives, Kew is also a special place in which to live.

Kew Gardens Palm House The Victorian Palm House at Kew Gardens provides the inspiration for the Society's logo

About The Kew Society

The Kew Society, which is more than 100 years old, is an influential organisation dedicated to enhancing the beauty of Kew and preserving its heritage.

In 1987 it became a registered charity and remains as one of the larger and more active community groups in Greater London.

Main Aims

  • to review all planning applications in Kew with special regard to the architectural integrity and heritage of the neighbourhood
  • to play an active role in the improvement of local amenities

To achieve its aims The Kew Society...

  • works closely with councillors of the local government and the Member of Parliament
  • monitors all the planning applications and comments as needed
  • makes representations to public and private organisations
  • provides a forum for local groups to strengthen Kew's voice in the area and in London

The Kew Society is run by unpaid volunteers.  The Executive Committee meets eleven times a year while sub-committees look after particular areas of interest.

The Society organises community events including parties, picnics, lectures and outings and produces the "On Kew" newsletter with information about general local issues, events, planning matters and forthcoming activities.